Washroom Services

Let’s face it, not many of us are comfortable using public washrooms. The condition of your washroom tells your staff & customers what way you treat your premises.

We believe it’s because of the discomfort people feel in this environment, makes them more susceptible to forming a negative opinion about the rest of your business and how they engage with it. Staff may grow to be demotivated & clients may not return, they certainly won’t sing your praises regardless of how fruity the white is or how well prepared the dessert menu is.

With Omega, we can offer a suitable line of dispensing equipment to keep in touch with your décor as well as foamy soaps and luxury toilet papers to enhance the experience for your visitors.

We also engage odour control and air enhancement measures to cent the correct message immediately upon entering.

These systems and products are obviously provided with cost effectiveness in mind, so your profits don’t flow down the drain.

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