Commercial Pest Control

Omega Environmental have many years’ experience dealing with many of the everyday common pests you are likely to encounter in our environment, as well as some more exotic infestations.

We provide a passive integrated pest management programme for your business site. A passive system will quietly eradicate pests from your premises before they have a chance to become a problem. Though scheduled routine inspections of this system, we can detect the presence of rodents and insects and initiate a suitable control program to restore order to your premises.

We have 4 specifications to offer our clients as well as providing a custom-built charter utilising requests from our clients.

For client discretion and site entry security, Omega only uses unmarked vehicles.

We also use the same technician for each inspection so your staff will be familiar with them and they will be familiar with your site.

Since 1993, Omega has never failed any audit our systems have encountered.